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Lakeside Image Perf Heatshield Development

Locker Heatshields used as an amazing façade.

Locker Radiant Heatshielding is now available with potentially limitless visuals by way of partnership with Locker Architectural. The perfect marriage of Locker Heatshielding functionality and Locker Architectural aesthetics, with engineering collaboration from both.

With over 40 years successful use in the offshore industry to protect people and equipment from radiant heat, Locker were approached by Galliford Try (now Vistry Partnerships) to provide a bespoke solution that would provide protection for personnel and infrastructure from the effects of a fire scenario at the adjacent processing plant, whilst also providing something that would also be aesthetically pleasing to look at.

The desired protection could easily have been provided with Lockers standard Heatshield range of panels but would have been unsightly, being a purely industrial product.

Completed Mini ES Heatshield with Image Perf
Heatshield for Housing Estate Protection

With a vast amount of experience in Architectural facades Locker were able to incorporate our standard offshore product the Mini ES Heatshield with a layer of image perf to provide a decorative architectural image perforated façade with a practical application.

Standing at 4m in height the Heatshield fence which replaced the existing 2m high acoustic fence provides an excellent practical solution allowing for safe occupation of the new housing estate whilst also providing an attractive feature for the occupants.

The engineering ensure that the Locker offshore heatshields could be used with ‘image perf’ panels was challenging. The correct open area had to be found so as to ensure that the performance of the Heatshields was not compromised.

‘Image perf’ has almost limitless possibilities and can replicate most pictures, company logos or photographs purely by using hundreds or even thousands of varying sized hole diameters and pixilation and is available from 0.5mm to 3mm thick.

Close up Image Perf Design
Bespoke Designed Architectural Structure

Working with their Architectural counterparts Locker Heatshielding were able to offer a full turnkey solution, supplying not only the vast amount of 3m long Heatshield panels, but also providing the design of a bespoke support structure and installation of the panels.

The Heatshield wall is constructed in 3m wide sections, supported by 200mm SHS sections with a mounting flange plate which is bolted back to the cast in anchors. The support structure has been designed and verified by our engineers to accommodate both the weight of the panels and the associated wind loads. The structural integrity of the proposed Heatshield fence was independently verified by a structural engineer.

Locker Heatshields have undergone extensive testing at independent N.A.M.A.S. approved laboratories and, with a front face radiant heat up to 60kW/m², the resultant radiant heat reduction recorded at a distance of 150mm behind the Heatshield was in excess of 83%.

Further details are available on request.

The combination of the Locker Heatshield and Architectural façade has huge potential for use in both industrial and commercial applications such as service stations and fuel storage / power generator enclosures to name but a few.      

Extensively Tested Heatshield with Image Perf
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