Architectural Mesh Cladding - Car Park

Metal meshes are ideal for cladding multi-storey car parks (MSCPs), as they offer important practical and safety benefits plus a wide range of excellent aesthetic effects.

Architectural mesh car park cladding’s strength and durability mean it is ideal for both security and falls prevention. Vehicles and the public can be safely enclosed within metal mesh MSCP cladding that is semi-transparent and allows high levels of air flow.

The level of light and air flow required can be varied by adjusting the pattern and open area of the installed mesh. Contrasting mesh patterns can even be overlaid; an outer layer of robust and visually stunning façade cladding might have an internal layer behind which caters for both fall prevention and bird exclusion.

Architectural car park mesh offers high levels of design flexibility, as it lets in light and adopts curves and structural variations. Most patterns are fire-proof or at least fire-retardant, and protect from weather conditions to differing degrees dependent on the pattern and specification selected.

In addition, the open, textured structure of many architectural mesh cladding patterns deter graffiti.

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