Architectural Metal Mesh Plant Screening

Locker Architectural metal mesh is the perfect solution for the safe and secure screening of plant machinery.

The unique requirements for each project will vary, but all plant machinery needs a constant source of clean air and protection from adverse weather. This is particularly true of rooftop plant machinery where conditions can be much more extreme.

Finding a product which allows air to flow, but prevents the passage of rain, wind, hail etc. can be extremely challenging, as these are contradictory requirements.

The requirements of plant screening can be much more than purely functional. Plant machinery is often unsightly and the screening plays an important role in masking it from public view. The use of architectural metal mesh plant screening provides the opportunity to cater for aesthetic concerns as well as functional ones.  To that end, Locker offer hundreds of metal mesh patterns, which can be fabricated using different materials, and finished in a multitude of ways, meaning there is an aesthetic to suit every plant screening project requirement.

By varying the open area and angle of incidence, we can tailor the structure of the metal mesh to satisfy all plant screening requirements, both aesthetic and functional.

Specific functional benefits of the vast majority of Locker metal mesh patterns are:

  • It is made from sustainable materials
  • It is easy to install
  • It is fire resistant
  • Metal mesh is low maintenance
  • Stainless Steel mesh is corrosion resistant

Above all, metal mesh is an extremely cost effective solution for plant screening due to its long life span. Contact us to discuss your requirements for plant machinery screening.

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