Architectural Mesh Balustrading

Attractive, rigid, durable and easy to install, Locker’s range of metallic wire mesh patterns is the perfect solution for secure and visually impressive balustrading. Architectural wire mesh balustrade infill panels offer wider scope for decoration, individuality and creativity than traditional balustrade infill systems.

Locker architectural mesh can be used for both internal and external balustrading such as balconies, bridge mesh infill panels, stair wells, pedestrian bridges and walkways, motorway and foot bridges. Free open area of the mesh as well as apertures and wire diameters can be individually designed and varied to ensure that an architect’s vision is readily translated into reality while at the same time satisfying Health and Safety requirements.

Locker wire mesh offers many beneficial features for the creation of high quality and durable balustrading, including:

  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel balustrading will last a lifetime
  • The strength of metal mesh is perfect high security areas and areas where safety is a concern
  • Metal mesh can act as a protective windbreak, reducing turbulence and offering rain deflection
  • Meshes with a larger open area offer high visibility and semi-transparency which can particularly suit public spaces
  • The mesh structure reduces the capacity for dirt and water to collect, which makes for a low maintenance balustrading solution
  • The construction of Locker wire mesh patterns offers little reward to even the most persistent graffiti artist
  • Metal mesh can be formed, curved and cut to fit the corners and bends of any design or neighbouring structure

We regularly advise on methods of framing and suspension for our wire mesh balustrade infill panels and our fabrication team can create panels to specific requirements and measurements.  Contact our specialist team to find out more about Locker Architectural balustrading.

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