Architectural Mesh Bar Grilles

Architectural Mesh is an extremely versatile material for bar grille and restaurant interior applications.

Different mesh products, weaves, metals, and finishes can be used in combination to suit every conceivable aesthetic vision and functional requirement.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in interior design, where carefully selected materials in controlled spaces can be used to generate an emotional response.

Architectural mesh can be used to create a range of impressions to fit a given brand identity such as; warm and welcoming, lavish and luxurious, modern industrial or minimalist and functional.

For advice on selecting the best architectural mesh for your bar grille or restaurant interior project, contact our experienced sales team.

Brass wire mesh for bar grilles

Brass is a timeless classic material associated with understated opulence.

Copper wire mesh for bar grilles

Copper is a less formal option, for a cosier and more relaxed environment.

Bronze wire mesh for bar grilles

Bronze, when used sparingly brings a sense of grandeur.

Stainless Steel wire mesh for bar grilles

Stainless steel can give a modern look, while plain steel can create a more retro atmosphere.

Powder coated wire mesh for bar grilles

For a quirkier and more modern feel, explore the possibilities of powder coating.

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