Architectural Mesh Cladding - Façade

First impressions are lasting impressions. This is especially true for architecture where a building's façade quickly establishes its identity. Locker’s wide range of innovative metal façade materials and fixing techniques allow architects to make a strong visual impact through façade cladding, whilst also addressing the physical requirements of the building.

The unique properties of Locker Architectural mesh façade cladding mean it is often selected to meet the following requirements:

  • solar and climate control
  • security
  • light transmission
  • reflectivity
  • longevity
  • serviceability.

Locker provides design, fabrication and installation services for our metal mesh façades, backed up by independent structural calculations. Our perforated, expanded and woven mesh materials can be applied economically to both new-build and refurbished structures and can cover wide spans with minimal support.

Contact our experienced team to discuss use of Locker Architectural mesh for your façade cladding project.

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