Architectural Mesh Bird Netting

Simple and effective, bird netting (also known as bird screening, bird control netting, bird-proof netting or anti-bird netting), is an extremely successful and cost-effective method of pest control, preventing the ingress of birds to urban structures where they like to perch and roost.  The best method of protecting man-made structures from infesting birds is to install bird control mesh.  The mesh forms a bird proof barrier between the bird and its destination building, and is particularly well suited to the protection of large surface areas, such as industrial and public buildings.  Locker bird screening mesh is regularly specified for a wide range of structures including:

  • Car parks and garages
  • Public buildings
  • Rail and road bridges
  • Plant machinery areas
  • Balconies
  • Other commercial structures

It is important to use the correct mesh size for the bird involved, for example, seagulls and pigeons can be prevented using a more open weave mesh than that used for smaller sparrows or starlings.  The aim is to deter rather than trap the birds. Locker Architectural supply a huge range of anti-bird netting specifications and can also fabricate bespoke meshes to suit particular requirements.

Our bird control mesh netting is constructed using tightly interwoven marine grade stainless steel wire, making it durable, flexible, corrosion and fire resistant.  Locker bird mesh, once installed is maintenance free, and provides other key functional benefits:

  • From a distance the product becomes practically invisible, leaving the aesthetics of your structure uncompromised
  • Locker bird netting can be used to span huge distances such as roofs or underneath bridges.
  • Metal bird mesh has an extremely long lifespan and is well able to endure adverse weather conditions.

The team at Locker are experienced in the specification, design and installation of bird prevention mesh, with bespoke tensioning solutions available for even the most challenging projects. Contact us for more information.

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