Architectural Mesh Sun Screening

Architectural wire meshes offer exceptional qualities when used as a sun screen, solar shade or 'brise/brie soleil'. As the sun rises in the sky, direct sunlight penetration through the mesh  is reduced progressively, reaching maximum effectiveness when the sun is at its highest point. The exact level of screening provided is relative to the angle of sunlight, so in this way the sun screening effect is similar to that of a louvre blind.

Additionally, architectural wire mesh sun screening can contribute considerably to the aesthetics of an architect’s ‘brise soleil’ design . The mesh has many different light-reflective facets due to the depth and density of the material, creating a range of interesting aesthetic effects. Wire mesh offers infinite permutations of colour, finish and scale, and allows for excellent transparency from inside the building looking directly through the mesh.  Airflow too can be maintained through the wire mesh sun screening.

Our mesh can be supplied folded and riveted into fabricated framed panels, hinged for window-cleaning access and compatible with standard curtain walling systems as required.

All these factors combined with strength, rigidity, ease of maintenance and fire-proof or fire-resistant properties make Locker architectural wire mesh the perfect solution for a vast range of sun screening applications. Contact us now to discuss your solar shading requirements.

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