Architectural Mesh Decorative Metalwork

The versatility, longevity and visually striking nature of metal has firmly established it as one of the most prominent materials used for modern day architecture.

Decorative woven, expanded and perforated mesh metalwork is commonly used for both exterior building cladding and interior design applications. By combining different mesh patterns, materials and finishes, virtually limitless ornamental aesthetic effects can be achieved.

Locker Architectural offers hundreds of different metal mesh patterns, fabricated from a wide range of visually varied materials including:

  • Stainless and Mild Steel
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Aluminium
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Other special alloys.

The appearance of these metals can be left with a natural metal look or customised with finishes like coloured powder coating and anodising if desired.

Architectural metal mesh is perfect for a huge range of interior ornamental and decorative purposes such as:

  • Radiator covers and vent grilles
  • Room partitions or other visual screening
  • Privacy booths in restaurants
  • Retail displays
  • Wall coverings
  • Metalwork sculptures
  • Door infill panels
  • Cabinet inserts
  • Signage
  • Bespoke furniture
  • Decorative curtains
  • Light diffusers.
Stainless steel mesh for decorative metalwork

Stainless steel can create a modern look, and plain steel can be used to create a more retro atmosphere.

Copper mesh for decorative metalwork

Copper provides a less formal, cosy and relaxed environment.

Bronze mesh for decorative metalwork

Bronze can bring a sense of grandeur when used sparingly.

Brass wire mesh for decorative metalwork

Brass is a timeless classic creating a feel of understated opulence.

Powder coated wire mesh for decorative metalwork

For a quirkier, colourful and more modern feel, powder coating offers endless possibilities.

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