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DECO Pro-Clip mounting system

Wedge Wire Ceiling Panel Mounting System – DECO Pro-Clip

Wedge Wire Ceiling Panel Mounting System - DECO Pro-Clip

The innovative Pro-CLIP system allows for mounting the wedge wire panels to standard load bearing structures with the use of specially designed DECO brackets. Please contact our sales team for CAD files.

Our DECO installation guide demonstrates how easy it is to install a wedge wire ceiling panel.

DECO Pro-Clip mounting system
Deco ceiling mesh mounting system features

Discover the Versatility of DECO Metal Ceilings: Welded Architectural Wedge Wire Grilles for Modern Architecture

DECO metal ceilings are a testament to innovation and style, offering distinctive functionality and captivating aesthetics for contemporary architectural projects. Departing from conventional interior suspended ceiling solutions, DECO seamlessly fuses cutting-edge manufacturing techniques with unmatched design possibilities.

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel or black steel, enhanced with the enduring PRO-ZINAL® coating, DECO metal ceilings assure both exceptional durability and striking aesthetics. The PRO-CLIP mounting system ensures a swift and hassle-free assembly and disassembly of panels onto standard support structures.

Elevate your architectural vision with DECO's transformative metal ceilings, setting new standards for modern interior design.

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