Arabian Cable Wire Mesh

Arabian Cable Wire Mesh


Material Stainless Steel 316L or 304L
Mesh 0.95 x 2 mm
Open Area 39.1 % Weight 2.1 kg/m²
Max. Roll Width 4 metres

Arabian Cable Wire Mesh: printable specification sheet with 1:1 scale image.


Typically available in Stainless Steel 304L and 316L. Other materials available on request.

Typical Applications

Interior and furniture cladding, façades, drapes and feature walls.

With comprehensive in house 3D design facilities we are able to offer a complete package from development of the architectural wire mesh specification through design, fabrication, supply and installation of the finished screens.

Progress Architecture

Arabian Architectural cable wire mesh is a Progress Architecture product, supplied and distributed in the UK and Ireland by Locker Architectural.

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