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Waterloo Wire Cloth

Waterloo Wire Cloth

Waterloo Wire Cloth

Waterloo Wire Cloth


MaterialPhosphor Bronze
Warp Mesh10 (per 25.4 mm)Wire0.4 mm
Weft Mesh95 (per 25.4 mm)Wire0.3 mm
Open AreaNilWeight2.66 kg/m²

Waterloo Wire Cloth: printable specification sheet with 1:1 scale image


Stainless Steel, Phosphor Bronze and Brass.

Typical Applications

Specifically developed as heavy duty rain screen cladding. The edge can be folded and supplied with reinforced inserts and eyelets.

Locker is a UK based supplier of architectural wire mesh products certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and Achilles 'Building Confidence' Level 4.

With comprehensive in house 3D design facilities we are able to offer a complete package from development of the architectural wire mesh specification through design, fabrication, supply and installation of the finished screens.

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