Brocklebank 15/15 Architectural Wire Mesh

Brocklebank15-15 mesh

Sample shown is Stainless Steel

Brocklebank is a LOKMESH® high security mesh with a Flat Top weave, where the wire is pre-crimped and woven in such a way as to make the surface of one side flat and smooth.

LOKMESH® Flat Top Mesh


Aperture: 15 x 15 mm
Wire diameter: 2.5 mm
Open area: 70%
Weight: 5.1 Kg/m2

Locker manufacture the finished article, including cutting to size, framing, finishing, and ancillary components.

In case of any bespoke requirements, our experienced in-house design and fabrication team will develop and supply the system and components you need to install goods on-site.

Contact our sales team to talk to us about your specific requirements.

Download PDF Technical Sheet

Typical applications include: ceilings, balustrades, facades, brie soleil, security panels and drapes.

Generally available in grades 316 and 304 stainless. Can also be made to order in Galvanised steel, Aluminium, Brass and Phosphor Bronze

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