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brocklebank_twin precrimped woven wire mesh

Brocklebank Twin Pre-Crimped Wire Mesh

Brocklebank Twin Pre-crimped Wire Mesh

A dense, pre-crimped woven mesh typically supplied in Stainless Steel and used for solar shading, decorative screening and other ornamental metalwork.

Brocklebank Twin Pre-crimped Wire Mesh


APERTURE 15 x 2 mm WIRE 2 mm / 2 x 1.2 mm
OPEN AREA 41% WEIGHT 7.8 kg/m²

Brocklebank Twin Pre-Crimped Wire Mesh: printable specification sheet with 1:1 scale image.

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Brocklebank is a LOKMESH® high security mesh with a Flat Top weave, where the wire is pre-crimped and woven in such a way as to make the surface of one side flat and smooth.

LOKMESH® Flat Top Mesh

Material Availability

Made to order in Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminium, Phosphor Bronze, Copper and Brass.


Powder coated finish available, provided the mesh is secured in a frame.


Locker Architectural can supply this mesh secured in a frame of your choosing.

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