Metal Mesh Applications in Rail and Energy Industries


Mesh applications have become increasingly important in the rail and energy industries, offering solutions that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. In this post Technical Director, Adrian Billingsley, explores a variety of mesh applications that are transforming these sectors. From enhancing safety to improving visual aspects, the versatility of mesh is unparalleled. Let’s dive into some of these innovative applications.

Platform Pedestrian Barriers, Parapets, and Balustrades

Our framed mesh, particularly useful for elevated pedestrian platforms and bridges, serves as a low maintenance, fireproof, and crowd-resistant barrier. Predominantly made from stainless steel and designed to be anti-climb, these meshes are ideal for ensuring safety. For a closer look, check out the projects at Deptford Railway Station, London and Cheltenham Racecourse. We also offer rigid pre-crimped woven meshes for these applications and can supply perforated panels.

Access Grating

We provide galvanized gratings frequently used in the oil and gas industry. An expanded metal version is available, featuring “heel-safe” apertures suitable for women's footwear on bridges and walkways.


When a higher specification of grating is required, wedgewire comes into play. It's suitable for balustrade infill panels, façades, air distribution, and various bespoke applications. Notable examples include Elios Architectural Wedge Wire which is used for the Twin Sails Bridge project in Dorset.

Rooftop Plant Enclosures and Gantry Plant Screens

These applications often use woven meshes, expanded metal, and perforated metal to achieve a balance between airflow and opacity. Check out our projects at the University of Essex, Here East in London, and 55 Hudson Yards.

Fire Escape Stairs

Metal meshes are ideal for enclosing fire escape stairs due to their ventilation and fireproof properties. Examples include Reading International, The Met Office in Exeter, and Green Park, Reading. Our cable mesh and rope diamond mesh are also used in these applications.

Electrical Substations

Mesh is frequently used for substations, where ventilation, security, and aesthetics are crucial. Examples include the Severn Sisters, Highbury Substation and Oxford Science Park.


Metal mesh ceilings, installed in passenger halls and concourses, allow visibility of services housed above, while providing a visual screen. They are non-combustible and secure, as seen in the British Museum and Warsaw University.

Solar Shading

Most meshes can be used for solar shading, with more 3D meshes being particularly effective. Projects include Templeman Library Canterbury and Oxford Science Park.

Bird Exclusion

Our rope diamond netting range is effective for bird exclusion, as demonstrated at Greenwich Design District, London ), and Aviva Stadium in Dublin.

Extruded Mullions

Developed for the Olympic Games in London, our extruded mullions have become a key component in our cladding projects. They are versatile and can be provided in various finishes and lengths.

Secure Cycle Enclosures

Our mesh enclosures, like the Cycle Hub at High Holborn in London, provide secure bicycle storage. We typically use perforated metal, but pre-crimped woven mesh is also suitable for these projects, as seen in the Midtown Cycle Vault, London.

Mesh applications in the rail and energy industries offer innovative, efficient solutions for a variety of needs. Whether it's enhancing safety, aesthetics, or functionality, the applications of mesh are as diverse as they are effective.

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