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Certificate No Q 05104

Cromarty Laminate Architectural Mesh

Cromarty Laninate Architectural Mesh
Insert shows translucency


Cromarty Laminate Architectural Mesh: printable specification sheet with 1:1 scale image(Adobe PDF)

Inner Core Material Woven Glass Fibre Outer Skin PTFE laminated film
Tensile strength (warp/weft) 900Ncm Tear strength (warp/weft) DIN 53363 500N
Translucency 50% Fire Rating Class O
Temperature Range -73 to 260 degrees C    


This pattern is available in many different forms and can be tailored to individual project requirements.

The product will lighten in colour over time (with 6 months) in typical UK conditions where the mesh is situated in direct sunlight.

Typical Applications

Textile cladding, celings, sun screening, translucent canopies.

Locker is a UK based supplier of architectural wire mesh products certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and Achilles 'Building Confidence' Level 4.

With comprehensive in house 3D design facilities we are able to offer a complete package from development of the architectural wire mesh specification through design, fabrication, supply and installation of the finished screens.


Cromarty Laminate mesh installed to augment roof glazing at the iconic Waterloo International Station.

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